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From slabs to stonemason's art: premoulded solid pieces, columns, portals, traceries, fountains, solid pieces for gardens and parks, and so much more. With the entire range of skilled surface treatments. From punched to bushhammered, from boasted to grooved. TRACO – stonemason work with great attention to detail.

· Free engineer consultation on your premises
· Support in measurement and technical processing
· Cost-effective production using modern machinery and
. Stonemason work with attention to detail
. Stonemasonry and stone carving (all levels of difficulty)
. performed by CAD machinery and internally trained
. stonemasons

. Cornices
. Walls
. Solid bases
. Premoulded solid pieces
. Presawn pieces
. Solid cladding
. Portals
. Bollards
. Fountains
. Sculptures
. Balusters
. Hand-crafted pieces
. and much more

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