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"Water is life" – a philosophy which applies just as much today as it did when water supplies were first set up over 2000 years ago. For people can only live and work in areas where a sufficient quantity of water of a satisfactory quality is available.
In Feng Shui, water represents an inexhaustible source of the nourishing Shi. It practically sucks in positive vitality. By combining it with the unique aesthetics offered by natural stones, you can use fountains, bridges, stepping stones and water features to create your own personal source of life right on your doorstep. Furthermore, the design versatility of natural stone allows fountain systems with long-term representative qualities to be designed. With decorative sculptures, pretty water fountains, sophisticated water runs and creative natural stone springs, TRACO gives the term "fountain system" a whole new meaning. For the true strength of natural stone lies in its diversity. You can use the whole beauty offered by natural-stone fountains to create a sparkling source of life.


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